From cave paintings to drawings of the great Pushkin: History of a portrait profile
The profile, which in the modern world is associated primarily with self-presentation in the Internet space, in its original meaning of a half-turn, a silhouette, is almost the same age…

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“Special Look”: Exhibition “Schukin. Collection Biography ”at the Pushkin Museum
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19th Century Girl Albums
The young ladies of the 19th century were not so different from the modern ones: they also needed attention, recognition, evidence of sympathy from friends and, of course, a cordial…

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The best photo cosplay on the paintings of famous artists made for the project “Sfotkay type Rembrandt”

Back in December 2018, an open project “Sfotkay like Rembrandt” was launched, a huge number of people became interested. The project participants were supposed to reproduce famous works of classical art in their photographs. And I must say that many managed to reproduce the atmosphere of masterpieces to the smallest detail. This review contains the most striking and interesting works of participants in this unusual project.

“We revive the past!”, The organizers of the open project “Sfotkay Rembrandt Type” addressed all lovers of creativity and photography, and they began to come to work for the contest from all over the world. In photographs, not only classical paintings come to life, but also sculptures and medieval miniatures – the imagination of the project participants is absolutely unlimited. And what happens – see for yourself.

1. Accurate color scheme

Bright illustration with the girl of the Polish-American artist Vladislav Theodor Benda, 1924.
Wladyslaw Theodore Benda is a Polish-American artist, famous illustrator, designer and creator of famous masks. He learned to draw in Vienna and Krakow, and in 1898 he moved with his family to live in the United States. It is believed that among other beauties from the pages of American magazines of that time, his girls stood out for their mystery and sophisticated exoticism.

2. Almost one face!

Fragment of the painting by Poor Lisa, Russian artist Orest Kiprensky, 1827.

In 1792, N. Karamzin’s sentimental novel “Poor Lisa” was published, and 35 years later, the artist Orest Kiprensky painted the eponymous painting on the plot of this work. It was based on the tragic story of a young peasant girl seduced by a nobleman and abandoned by him, as a result of which she committed suicide.

3. “Picturesque” picture

A painting with a female figure by the French artist Gabriel Ferrier entitled “Evening”, 1911.

Gabriel Ferrier was born in Nice in 1847. He studied painting at the Paris School of Fine Arts, his teachers were Pills, Lecoq, de Boisbaudran and Hebert. He copied the canvases of famous artists, and one of his most famous copies is Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

4. The early years of the Duke of Urbino

A fragment of the urban diptych of the Italian artist Piero della Francesca “Portrait of Federigo da Montefeltro and Battista Sforza”, 1465 – 1472

5. One to one

Fragment of the painting “Salome with the Head of John the Baptist” by Italian artist Leonardo Bernardino Luini, 1525 – 1530

Nobody knows today exactly when this artist began to work. But his early paintings are made in the late Gothic style. Art historians believe that the style of his painting has changed under the influence of Leonardo, who was his teacher. It is believed that he created a huge number of works, and since he painted a lot of paintings and frescoes, if it was believed that he was the owner of a thriving art workshop. After the death of the artist, his work was continued by his students.

6. Striking resemblance

Female portrait in the illustration of the Polish-American artist Vladislav Theodor Benda.

7. Fluffy muse

The painting “White Cat”, made in the genre of animalism by the French painter and graphic artist Pierre Bonnard, 1894.

Pierre Bonnard is a French artist whose work is closely related to the Nabis group. This trend had a serious impact on European painting. Nabids expressed their inner world through planar decorative images. Bannara was called Japanese and “the Japanese nabid itself,” because its main addiction was oriental ornaments and Japanese engraving.

8. Perfect accuracy

Sensual picture with the red-haired Eve of the Austrian artist Gustav Klimt “The Snake-Tempter”.

9. Inspiration by the picture

The famous painting by Austrian artist Gustav Klimt “Kiss”, painted using gold leaf, 1907 – 1908

10. Time traveler

Portrait of a red-haired woman, performed by Austrian painter and graphic artist Egon Schiele, entitled “Sitting woman with a bended knee”, 1917.

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